Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#7 : Route to Getting Married

" Abah, nanti kalau Asta kahwin, nak kena buat private reception cam Nia dulu ke? I agreed with the private reception concept, but maybe boleh buat up to 500 guests ke..? " -Asta

" Boleh juga, private reception makan berhidang lah with all the domes. Kalau nak buat buffet tu pun boleh juga sebenarnya, tapi guests come and go lah. Takde lah semua guests duduk sekali, eat together, take picture together then everybody goes home at the same time. Or maybe, your wedding can be done in only 1 reception. Make it in a big hall/ballroom where both families can gather and get to know each other. Mungkin dapat saving in term of 1 reception only, but it may costs higher sebab semua buat in 1 shot kan. I like the concept of maybe the emcee can introduce the family members. For example, "Here's the bride's mother, Puan Norlida Ismail and the bride's father, Encik Roslan Abdullah Arshah" then both of you salam Mak Abah. And the list goes on till uncle aunty, mana yang boleh salam, mana yang tak boleh salam. The other guests can see that this is actually something new, never been done in other weddings right. In a way, other guests can also get to know who is who.." -Abah

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