Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kerana mulut badan binasa.

Terlajak perahu boleh diundur,
Terlajak kata badan binasa.


Well, it was a looonngggg gloomy sad feeling day for me. I hurt my friend's feeling, my boyfriend's feeling.

My friends know that I loovee to make fun of people, but in a good wayy. Kalau teruk sangat pun aku bahan, tengok orang laaa, ada yang certain tak boleh terima and maybe akan hurt their feeling. And the most unwanted incident happened today, where I said the most hurtful sentence to my dear friend. The things that I've said to my friend is unacceptable, as the person is facing too many problems right now. Without thinking wisely, I accidentally say about his problem back on his face. Terdiam dia, and aku pulak lepas cakap tuh baru tersedaar "Eh bodoh! ape aku cakap tadiiii..??" Damn at that moment, I knew I was wrong. :(

I seriously do not have the guts to say sorry right after that. Sampai malam tadi baru ada hati nak text dia and ask for forgiveness. Dah final semester ni, tak larat daaaahh nak gaduh sana sini. Cukup cukup laa yang lepas tuh. After typing a loooong 4 pages of text message, I expected him to reply right after that, but that did not happened. Near midnight then only he replied, and make me burst into tears. God, jahatnyaa mulut aku cakap main lepassss je, orang tuh tak buat salah pun kat kauu. tskk tskk.

Thousand of apologies to my dear friend and of course, my loved one. :')

Monday, January 17, 2011

I need this.

I ate my breakfast and lunch ALONE.
I went to class today ALONE.
I went to buy some groceries ALONE.
I drove home ALONE.
I am having my dinner ALONE.

Sometimes we do need the privacy.
And I am happy with my ME-time. :D

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little girl.

Miss you adik kecik Erryssya Nur !
comeeeelllll sangaaaaatt cam nak lempaaanngg pang pang

Less is more.

I ate Koko Crunch with Chocolate Milk for breakfast.
I had Maggie Kari with Sausages in the afternoon.

So far, kenyang laaaa Alhamdulillah tho yang lunch tuh tak berapa healthy hihi :p

For high tea (eceh =p), I'll make myself a chicken ham sandwich with mayo. Sedaaaappp ! Akid cakap boleh jual kat Uniten Cup muahahahhaa aku boleh buatkan tapiiii kos mahal kot chicken ham tuhh. My class will start at 4p.m. so around 3p.m. I'll make the sandwich, pack it up and besiap2 pergi kelas. Jangan lupa mineral water ! :)

As for dinner, I plan to have Crab Soup with fishballs and sausages. Naaaaakk sangat makan sup tuh sebab sedap sangat ! Masak pun senang je, tambah telur nak jadikan dia pekat. Nyummeeyyhh! :D So balik rumah nanti around 7-730p.m. , terus mandi and masak the soup. Yela, late dinner won't be good right ? Hehe..

So far, I still manage to follow this routine. ALWAYS take the breakfast no matter how late I am to the class hoho, NO rice for lunchh or paling2 pun ambil nasi 1 scoop sahaja, light high tea and early dinner with looooootss of mineral water for sure. =)

Tapi tula, bila dah balik rumah mak masak NASI and macam2 laukkk sedap sedap, nak tak nak makan jugak laaa nasi tuhh, tapi tak tambah lah hihi. Ratah lauk is okay, tapi berpada-pada.

Till then, we'll see what's tomorrow's menuu~