Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Australia Day!

And so, I've been expecting less calls/no calls at all for today since it's a Public Holiday in Australia. But my account here in Regional Contact Center (RCC) IBM supported customers from Asia Pacific Countries (APAC). Which means, by right, I shall be receiving calls from Singapore or India or Indonesia today. Tapi takda pun? Jadi mari kita berblogging haha.

Most calls that I answered in a day would be mainly calls from Australia. Now you know lah accent dorang camne kan? Dengan BI yang mereka hebat nak dibandingkan BI Band 4 MUET aku, kelajuan dorang bercakap pun macam Bullet Train dah aku dengar. Mula mula kena jawab calls from Australia ni memang nervous lah, tipu tak nervous. Entah sapa pulak cakap ko tipu kan tash? Anyway, lama lama Im getting used to it. Ala bila kita buat apa apa pun, mula mula gelabah labah labah, lama lama sambil update Twitter pun boleh handle Australians ni. Eceh gebang. Exaggerate sangat dah ni.

I've learnt new things with these Australians. Dorang okay tau bila cakap elok elok tu, omg baik sopan je. Sebab dorang Business customers kan. Nak minta tolong dengan helpdesk macam aku ni, cakap baik baik please.

"Sir, may I have you first name and surname please..?" -Asta bernada ceria sambil senyum

"Sure, my name is %*&# and the surname is #@%^@$." -Customer yang cakap laju and mumble thus aku tak dapat catch up apa nama kau ni oi.

"Sir, I am sorry.. Would you mind spelling out your name for me please..?" -Asta tahap kesabaran tinggi

"Certainly. My name is D for Delta, A for Alpha, V for Victor, I for India, D for Delta and my surname is B for Bravo, E for Echo, C for Charlie, K for Kilo, H for Hotel, A for Alpha and M for Mike. It's David Beckham." -User spelling out his name patiently

"Thank you David. OMGEEEE ARE YOU THE REAL DAVID BECKHAM YANG HENSEM GILAK TUUU??!" - Pfftt. Rekaan semata mata. Beck is not even in Australia, silly.

Contoh je la conversation kat atas ni.. They won't be mad kalau kita as helpdesk ni guna the right words, the right manner, the right tone to ask for their favour. Kadang kadang aku boleh gelak gelak dengan customer ni bila aku mintak IBM number dorang ke, then dorang kena cari ke, mesti ada yang buat lawak. Then I was like, "Hebat kau Asta bergelak tawa dengan mat saleh!" Eleh kecoh. Takde apa pun. Bukan cam Jozan buat lawak.

Bila aku nak create an incident ticket for the user, mesti aku tanya :

"Thank you David Beckham hensem for providing me all the details. Do you mind if I place you on hold for a couple of minutes for me to create an incident ticket for you David?" -Asta

"Sure! Not a problem." -David baik tak kesah tunggu on hold hihi

As I said just now, with the right manner, words and tone, the customers will be just fine. Dorang orang bekerja, then call helpdesk IBM and the conversations are recorded, nak maki aku maki la! Jaga kauuu. Haha! Bukan, maksud aku, yeah, dorang bekerja, kita bekerja so we understand each other. How manis!

With these Australians, at the end of the conversation, they love to say 'Cheers!' I was like "Eh sorry I dont drink and drive" Hahahah! No la, it's in their daily conversation, saying 'Cheers' to end up the conversation. They are just being friendly :') They even ask "Hi Natasha, how are you today?" and I'll say "I'm doing great! Thank you for asking. How about you?" at the beginning of the conversation. Yeah, I love their friendliness! I wish I can apply that in my daily life as well :D

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